Wokingham’s new Night Shelter’s has now opened.

Pilgrim Hearts set up the Night Shelter in Bracknell in 2014

It runs for four months and will open on 1st December 2019
















Holy Trinity Church Hall, Bracknell

Get the Newbold shuttle bus from the Bracknell Railway Station to go to: St Mark’s Church, Binfield

Easthampstead Baptist Church, Bracknell

Get the Newbold shuttle bus from the Bracknell Railway Station to go to: Newbold Church, Binfield

St Michael’s Church, Easthampsted

The Methodist Church, Priestwood

St Josephs Church, Bracknell

The Bracknell Night Shelter provides a friendly welcome, tea and coffee and a place to rest. An evening meal is served by volunteers about 8.30 pm and everyone is expected to retire to bed not later than 10pm.

Normally games and activities will be available and clothing will be available at some churches. All will have supplies of new underclothes and socks. Churches taking part endeavour to provide washer/ dryer facilities on site.

The Night Shelter is open to those who can produce a pass allowing them entry. Food is not available to casual visitors.

The Night Shelter is alcohol and drugs free. It does not allow weapons, violence or threatening behaviour towards any one present. Bags may be searched, if it is suspected that alcohol etc. may be present. All bags must be handed in for safe keeping until the guest leaves in the morning.

If guests leave the premises, they will not be re-admitted that night, as you are expected to stay in the building and rest so those who need to sleep may do so in peace.

There will be a security manager on guard and those who break the above rules will be liable to summary expulsion.