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As cold and wet winter weather continues over 100 homeless people have been given shelter, a bed for the night and hot meals by Pilgrim Hearts Trust. The trust runs two winter night shelters: one in Bracknell and the other in Wokingham in partnership with local churches and other voluntary organisations.

Pilgrim Hearts Trust Director, Elaine Chalmers-Brown says the statistics show there is a desperate need to bring an end to homelessness: “Many are homeless as a result of domestic violence, people are so stressed, and all are at breaking point”.

In Bracknell the night shelter has been open since December and will remain open until the end of March. A total of 75 homeless have been welcomed so far; the highest number since the Pilgrim Hearts Trust began opening a winter night shelter in the town five years ago.

In Wokingham the night shelter has been open, for the very first time, since January and will stay open until the end of February (the last night will be 29th February). A total of 24 homeless have been welcomed at the shelter by over 100 local volunteers in 7 local church halls on a weekly rota.

Pilgrim Hearts Trust Chairman, David Chalmers-Brown paid tribute to the many volunteers who have staffed both night shelters “Most of our volunteers stay awake overnight to keep our homeless beneficiaries warm and safe” he said.